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If You're Ever in Fort Worth

After another rejuvenating trip to DFW over spring break I am naturally reflecting on how much fun we had. After the zoo, golf, and Six Flags I have to admit my favorite check mark on the itinerary was dinner at Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth. We have been going to this landmark restaurant for ten years after following the suggestion of close friends.

We love the uncomplicated nature of the menu (basically 2 items), the service, and how it seems that everyone is enjoying themselves. Go early because there is usually a line and make sure you are in the mood for a rowdy crowd. We usually carry our kids and I have always found it to be very family friendly.

Here is a little history from Joe T. Garcia's website:

Joe T. Garcias Mexican Restaurant was established on July 4th, 1935 by Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. Garcia, with a seating capacity of only sixteen, Joe, his wife, and their five children ran their tiny business with love and determination. Their business grew because of Joe, and his personality, and the mouth watering recipes of Jessie ( affectionately known as Mamasuez). Customers would wait for hours just to try Mamasuez mouthwatering enchiladas and her handmade tortillas. Joe was friends with all of his customers, and their affections for the family were shown through their patronage. Joe did not believe in advertising, he believed that the best advertising was by word of mouth. The restaurant reputation began to grow and so did the lines of hungry customers. At the untimely death of Joe in 1953, his wife and youngest daughter Hope took over the reigns.

By the 1970’s Joe T. Garcias was one of the most popular restaurants in the Dallas- Fort Worth area. With their loyal customers, the restaurant began to grow not only in popularity, but in size. First a small patio with with a  pool and cabana was added, then every year until present, a new patio, party room, or dining area was developed. The seating capacity grew from the original sixteen to well over 1000 today. Even though the restaurant grew, the same style of cooking and original recipes were used, and the same determination and love for the business that was instilled by parents and grandparents was evident in the younger generation.

Map to Joe T's!

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